First up this year..

Yep yep!

The first release I’m featured on 2013 is Hollywood Ending! We had great success with Single Ladies in Switzerland, and now it’s time for round 2! Remady & Manu-L featuring J-Son, Hollywood Ending! Check it out!


Back in the studio

New week new music!

Had a pretty laid back weekend with the boys, felt good not to do anything special this weekend and recharge my batteries. Next week my moms is coming up to visit and on Sunday I’m off to London town! But this week is gonna be filled with work!



Damn it’s one of those days today yo.. Really miss being in brazil with family and my love. This dark around three o’clock ain’t really working for me no more. But that’s how life go, work harder to get there! Love


@ Bagge

Was up ya!?

Today I’m gonna be out in Anders Bagges house recording a song for this project I’m involved in. Looking forward to it cause I think the song is dope, can’t wait for more music to come out that I have featured on or written! I just wanna feed the world with good music! Anyways have a good day!!


Been a minute

Was good guys??

Happy New Years to all of you! (I know I’m late) been spending some time in Brazil, met a lot of family and had a great time there! Came back to Sweden two weeks ago and it felt so good to have a long vacation. Now I’m back and I got back to work even before I was back ha ha! Right now I’m doing what I always do, I’m in the studio with the boys working on a banger!! Here is a picture of me chilling with a coconut enjoy that…